Wrangler Program:

Do you wish you could stay at the barn all day? Well, now you can! Take a morning lesson and stick around to help our barn interns wrangle the campers! Wranglers help with summer camp, daily care of horses, and barn chores. Wranglers are welcome any weekday and can stay for any length of time.  Total hours volunteered, will be added up at the end of summer and the volunteers will receive a few In Your Dreams Farm gift certificates. These gift certificates can be used for future lessons and in-house horse shows. If a Wrangler does more than 40 hours of volunteering the farm also buys them a very cool t-shirt. If your rider is interested in being a wrangler, please complete this application.

The basic hours are 8:30am-3:30pm, but we are flexible. The interns or I will schedule with every rider/parent the week prior to get a general idea of when they are volunteering the following week.  If you want to help the day that you normally take a morning lesson, just plan on sticking around afterwards. If you want to come another day that week and just help, please do.

To be a Wrangler, you must take a riding lesson with us at least once every week you are helping. The Wrangler program is designed for children and teenagers ages 9 years old and up who love the barn and have good work ethic. Must know how to groom and tack a horse. Please provide your own lunch on the days you work too. For more information please email us!

What is a Wrangler

Click Here for a Printable PDF Wrangler Application

In Your Dreams Farms

Summer Camp Wrangler Agreement


Wrangler Name: ____________________________________________                   Date: __________


Address: _________________________________________________



Grade completed in 2017 ____________________________    Birth Date: ________________


Phone Number: (H) ________-_________-__________   (C) __________-__________-____________


Emergency Contact Name and Phone Number: _________________________________


Allergies:  _________________________________________________________


Medications: _____________________________________________________


Monday –Friday 8:30-3:30

Responsibilities: Wranglers will be on the premises 1/2 hour before camp starts and will remain on the premises 1/2 an hour after camp ends. Wranglers will be involved in activities such as feeding, tacking, and lunch preparation, followed by horse activities, knowledge activities/games, and clean-up.

What is expected:  Wranglers are expected to act mature and responsibly at all times. Wranglers must be able to work well in teams and with children. Wranglers must also show good enthusiasm, a sense of humor, and greet parents and campers with an eagerness to assist.

Wranglers must also:

  • Recognize and handle hazards and emergencies appropriately;
  • Ensure campers are checked in and checked out properly each day;
  • Observe and report accidents, illness, and signs of physical, emotional stress/strain
  • Ensure proper records of medicine, storage location, and dispense as needed.

Tips for the Wranglers:

  • Know your campers’ names. Calling someone by the wrong name can cause hurt feelings and indicates that you have not formed a relationship with that individual.
  • Memorize the camp schedule. Being asked by campers or parents what comes next, and not knowing the schedule leads to lack of trust and hurts your credibility as a Wrangler.
  • Do team building exercises to help campers get to know each other like name games. Avoid competitive exercises on the first day as this may prevent forming important friendships.
  • Do daily reflections! Example: Rose, Bud, Thorn. What was good about the day, what was bad about the day, and what are the campers looking forward to on the following day?

Initial each statement

_____ • To assist all state staff with assigned responsibilities

_____ • To exhibit a positive attitude that welcomes an atmosphere of growth, creativity and learning

_____ • To assist in small and large group educational projects

_____ • To role model maturity, leadership and professionalism in all camp experiences

_____ • To want to learn and grow through this privileged experience so that it will further leadership, decision-making, problem-solving and communication skills

_____ • To provide all campers with a safe, comfortable and caring environment

_____ • To be open-minded and self-disciplined in all my actions

_____ • To act appropriately in my actions and thoughts

_____ • To abide by the same rules and policies as the state staff.

_____ • To come with a willingness to learn, lead and grow


I, _____________________________________________________ have read the above statements and fully agree to each expectation. I will try my best to enlighten the campers and make their experiences as enjoyable as possible. I have read the above statements and I agree to each expectation! I will do my best to enlighten the camp with my skills, talents and knowledge. I agree to participate with the staff with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. I want to expand my leadership development and I know that the privilege of being selected for this position allows me to focus on my advancement.

Expectations of your role as Camp Wranglers: ____________________________________________________________



Leadership Skills you want to focus on: ____________________________________________________________________




Youth Signature____________________________________ Date:__________________


Parent Signature: ________________________________ Date:__________________

(If under 18)