What kind of Riding Lessons are offered at IYD Academy?

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Hunt Seat/Jumper Lessons (age 8+) $50: students can learn this classic form of English riding that can include both flat (walk, trot, canter) and over fence jumping. Lessons are challenging, from elementary age to adults, our hunter and over fences lessons are fun for all.

Zane 738

Zane and Jesse

Western Lessons (age 8+) $50: students learn about body position and control while riding our excellent lesson horses. Students will also be given the skills to navigate a trail pattern. Our advanced riders can learn reining. All skill levels are welcome!

Varsity 985

Varsity and Ryan

Kid Lessons: Beginners (age 5 to 8) $50: These lessons are geared towards our younger equestrians. Fun games and activities build their equine knowledge while lessons are interactive and fun. If you have a young son or daughter who has a love for horses, bring them by! We’d love to let them meet the horses and answer any questions.

Camp 2006

Casey and Julianna

Your First Lesson at IYD will be an INTRODUCTION

Introduction/Evaluation Lessons ($100 per rider): Your First Lesson at IYD will be an INTRODUCTION/EVALUATION Lesson. All riders must partake in an Introduction Lesson before continuing in any of our other lesson options. The session consists of; 1 hour of riding time, 1 hour of introductions to the barn; and at least 30 minutes after lesson, to learn after class horse care. Please budget at least 3 hours of time for your first class at the barn. This is mandatory for new students of any level. This lesson provides our instructor, an understanding of your commitment to developing a personal lesson plan.

Evaluation lessons can be with your siblings or friends as well, or each of you can partake in your own assessment lesson that’s up to you.

If you are current equestrians with prior experience then you will be evaluated and assessed on your riding ability so that we can place you in the most appropriate riding class, where you will feel comfortable yet motivated to learn more and advance in your riding.

For the new aspiring equestrians to our sport, you will be given an introduction to horses and our barn, learn about the horse’s common equipment, be taught how to groom your horse,  have a riding lesson learn how to take care of your horse after the class and the chores that go along with that. All students will leave with our IYD intro to horseback custom handbook which includes; standard intro to the horses in general, a better understanding of the sport itself,  the book includes, horse definitions, barn rules, and quizzes as well.

Call us at (770) 887-7797 to schedule your INTRODUCTION LESSON.
An assessment lesson must be taken before you can begin standing riding lessons.

If you own your own riding practice attire please wear to your lesson but, if you do not it’s okay, boots and helmet rentals are included in the lesson. Please wear a fitted shirt or polo shirt (tucked in), women/girls may wear a legging or jeans, men/boys may wear fitted sports pants or jeans…absolutely NO shorts! Socks that come up past your ankle (no ankle socks), no dangly jewelry and long hair pulled back in a low ponytail.

*Note: All lessons expire 60 days from the date of purchase. All Semester Packages start and end on semester terms only. Prices are subject to change. Please contact our office at (770)887-7797 for current prices and schedules.

Winston and Charley

Private Lessons ($70): available for students that desire intensive, one-on-one instruction. Great for riders interested in moving into the show circuit. Also, we like to have our beginner riders also take private lessons to learn more with individual attention.

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